Need help in knitting

Hi, I am a starter and knitting Mens button neck Jumper and got stuck in front front if anyone can help with these lines : Patt 2tog, patt 42, cast off next 6 sts,patt to last 2 sts, patt 2tog.Cont on these lsdt 43 sts.

This is the neck shaping. Pattern 2 tog (k2tog or p2tog depending on where you are in the pattern stitch), work across 42 sts in the pattern stitch and then cast off (bind off) the next 6sts for the neck opening. Work in pattern across to the last 2st which you again work together in pattern. You’ll have 43sts–6 bound off sts–43sts on the needle. For the next set of instructions, you will work on only one set of 43sts for one shoulder.

Thanks alot.Its very nicely explained I have got it now…I will start on it straight…

Hi again, I started to knit it again done the neck opening but got stuck again, so for the next line do I keep continuing on one side of 43 sts n leave the other set on stitch holder.If yes then how do I complete the other shouler that’s on stitch holder? As the next line says: dec one st at armhole edge in every alt row until 36 sts rem. Cont in patt until 24 rows less than Back to beg of shoulder shaping, working last row on wrong side. and the next is Shape Neck: Cast off 7 sts, patt to end…29 sts.Work 1 row. Can you explain the above please in an Mens Button Neck Jumper…

Yes, you’re going to continue on just one side of the sweater and leave the other 43sts for the moment. You’ll get back to the other shoulder later in the pattern. If you read down there’ll be instructions which may be detailed and may be as brief as “Complete second shoulder as first, reversing the shaping.”

You’re working on the right front. Work the next WS row, turn, work the RS row decreasing one st at the end of the row, the armhole edge. Continue these 2 WS and RS rows until you have 36sts on the needle (7 RS decrease rows). Then continue to knit on 36sts until 24 rows fewer than the back measured from the beginning of the shoulder shaping. End after working a WS row. Cast off 7sts at the beginning of the next RS row.
Take the directions one step at a time and I think they may become clearer as you see the sts on the needles.