Need help in knitting pockets on a baby vest

I am knitting a baby vest, just want to know how to knit a pocket? Do you knit the whole front piece first then knit the pocket separatily and sew it on afterwards or do you knit the pocket opening (like a button hole)?? Please help!

You can do it either way. The easiest way would be to knit a small square the size of the pocket and then sew it on the outside of the vest - like a patch pocket (terminology from my sewing days).

Since it’s not really a functioning pocket (the baby isn’t really going to use the pocket, is he/she?) this one may be the cutest way to go.

The other way would have the pocket hole with the pocket itself on the inside of the vest. Sort of like your button hole idea. I’d have to think a bit how to do it, you probably would want to leave the stitches live instead of binding off.

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OF COURSE babies need pockets! :roflhard: Look how much stuff they have!

Where else can the little one store the pacifier without having it get lost in the blankets? And don’t forget - make the pockets big enough to hold the I-Pod and, if it’s an older baby, the Blackberry!
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It does sound like the cutest project though! Good luck with it!

Happy knitting!


You would knit the inside of the pocket so to speak, so just a square the size that you want it. When you get to it at the end dont cast off but put it on a holder, then when you have knitted the garment up to the point where you want the pocket opening you then place it as follows. Say you have 30 stitches for the front and the pocket is 16 stitches wide, you would knit 7 stitches, put the 16 stitches on another holder and knit the stitches off the inside of the pocket and knit the 7 stitches, you then contine to finish the side (I am assuming this is a cardi) you would then pick up the stitches on a holder and knit a rib or edging and cast off. Then you pin the inside to the body and sew in place. I hope that makes sense!