Need help identifying yarn

Hi everyone. I need help identifying this yarn’s brand and/or locating a place to buy more of it (online):

It’s “yarn” that’s really just a big roll of fabric strips. I’ve since moved away from the town I got it from, and in my new place the craft stores don’t have as much options. I wanted to try searching for it online or request the store to stock it, but the label is gone so I dunno what the yarn name or brand is.

This is what it looks like after knitting if it helps:

I think it’s called T shirt yarn and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Walmart. Maybe that will help you figure it out.

Close but not quite. The T-shirt yarn is chunkier than this.

But that was a great lead! After poking around in Google, I managed to find that it’s Lang Yarns’ Sol Dégradé. I remembered that this yarn had been really pricey…

Thanks! :woohoo: