Need help identifying yarn

I was given a bit of yarn and there were two I could not identify because of no labels. Would anyone happen to know or think they might know what yarn these are (I’m thinking they are acrylic but I could be wrong). The first is a blue denim color (the scan is as close as I could get), thicker than my worsted weight yarn and it’s really soft.

This second one is more of a soft fingering/baby weight, and is a variegated yellow/white/peachy color.

Oh I almost forgot, in the bag that the yarn came in there was an empty plastic bag…it says Amalfi on it but do not know if it goes with either of these yarns. Thank you for any help you can give me. ~Tricia

The variegated one looks just like Plymouth Dreambaby 4-Ply. Is it really soft? If it’s not soft, then maybe somebody else has an idea.

I was thinking the first one may be bernat softee baby but I am not sure…just guessing really:)

yes it is soft. I will look up both yarns. I was getting a headache searching on the internet trying to find anything that looked like it. The other one looks familiar, like something I’ve seen in the store. Can’t look at wal mart…everything seems to be disappearing in the yarn department for some reason. Thank you for your help.