Need help identifying Needle sets


Hello everybody! At an attempt at taking as little as your time as possible, I’ll try to keep this short. My grandmother has asked me to go through and sell miscellaneous possessions of hers. She was once an avid knitter, and as a result I’ve found 2 neat looking knitting sets, 1 open, and 1 sealed. I was hoping somebody could help me identify and perhaps appraise the 2 sets as I have little to no knowledge in this space. Attached are a few photos (Apologies for poor quality).

Thank you for any help.



I think the ones called Harmony were from knitpicks. I think they now have multiple colors and call those rainbow. Either way you should be able to get an idea of price.


Thank you for the help. Any idea why my grandmother’s set would be sold at $120 retail?


I saw that in your picture and wondered myself. Maybe it was a nicer set with a needle case? When I got my I interchangeable needles they just came in a plastic sleeve.