Need help identifying a stitch!

Any help in identifying this stitch would be greatly appreciated! One of my readers is asking for help, and I have never seen this stitch, nor do I have any idea how it is made! It appears to be many strands held together, or perhaps some version of broomstick lace, but that section where the many-stranded loops weave in and out of each other really is a puzzle to me. :?? :?? :?? :?? :??

Thanks for any ideas!


Are those strands woven through the crochet stitches?

Are you sure that’s crochet? Cause I’m not convinced it is. The reason I say that is because even at the “join” (where each big loop begins and ends), there is no single crochet to anchor it to the other stitches.

In fact, I don’t see any crocheted stitches at all.

That thought never occurred to me! I’ve never seen anything like this in knitting either. Such a puzzle!


Well, it’s definitely neat looking, but strange.

I suppose you might create something like this using hairpin lace, but the center stitches don’t look like the hairpin lace I’ve done. Still it might be fairly close. I’ll have to give it a shot and see what I come up with.

Meanwhile, any idea where your student found this?

Edit: Yes, you can do this using hairpin lace, but weaving the loops together is likely to make you verifiably insane (plus, my “center” stitches–ones between the loops) don’t look like what’s in the picture).

Hairpin lace is a good thought too! My reader said she found this on Pinterest but there was no information to go along with it, and she has been obsessed with finding out how to do it since then!


Antares, you are a genius! Look what I found just with a simple google search of hairpin lace images! Now to figure out how to do it!

Such great people here on this forum!


Ah, so it IS crochet. Just goes to show you that sometimes crochet doesn’t look like crochet! Go figure!

If/when you come across intructions, will you post a link? I’ll post one if I find anything.

That link I posted has links in it to a tutorial series on how to do this stitch. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the post and you’ll see them there.


This is a blanket made with the hairpin lace method. It is a type of crochet. Here is a website about it.

I’m not that up to date on hairpin lace, but the pictured stitch reminds me of a mile-a-minute afghan design worked in the round on both sides of the starting chain, then in the last round, the hook is inserted in each of the st and a long loop drawn up. After finishing off that loopy round, the loops are woven together 3 at a time.

Yes, Charlotte, that’s what I thought of at first too, but couldn’t quite get how the weaving would work. Then someone suggested in one of the replies on this thread that it might be hairpin lace so I googled that and sure enough, I found a whole tutorial on exactly this method! It looks pretty cool, and something I want to try, just so I can say I did it!


Just curious: Have you made any progress with the hairpin lace yet?

I would think you could do all kinds of variations with this pattern (from lots of strands pulled through the loops down to just one, and adding different twists, too). I really like hairpin lace as edgings, which is what I’ve mostly used it for.

P.S. If you don’t have a hairpin lace loom, here’s a very clever tutorial for how to make a simple one: (I’m assuming most folks on this forum have a few pairs of knitting needles!)