Need help identifying a scarf knit pattern

Hey! I’m brand new to the forum and just got back into knitting after a hiatus of about 30 years! Long time ago, I knitted a scarf that appears to be stockinette stitch, but it is the same on both sides. I’ve been practicing to see if I can re-create it, but so far no luck. It is not all k, nor all p, nor k one row and p one row.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks so much!!


You probably used a technique called double knit where you knit 1, slip 1 on all rows. This produces a kind of pocket and the knit face will be on both side and the purl faces will be facing each other on the inside of the ‘pocket’. I think the Advanced Techniques page or Tips has a video for it, and you can use a single color, doesn’t have to be 2 colors or 2 strands of yarn.

Thanks suzeeq, but I know that’s not what I did as I’ve never gotten that advanced. I know that it’s just a very basic stitch pattern.

Anyone else have any ideas?



Sometimes a simple k1, p1 rib can look like stockinette because the purls recede and only the knits show. Could it be that?

Garter stitch? You would probably remember this so…

Ribbed? Stretch it out side to side and see.

Seed stitch?
row 1: k1, p1 across with (I think) odd number of stitches?
row 2: k the p’s and p the k’s.

Oh! I remember a visual stitch dictionary on-line. Let me find the link!

Finally found it at

MarigoldinWA - you are absolutely correct!! I just now figured it out. It was thin wool and small needles and you didn’t really see the ribbed effect until you pulled the scarf apart cross wise! You are a smart one, indeed.

Happy knitting.