Need Help Help Help!

I was trying to bind off a finished scarf (all knit:Garter) and realized I was doing it wrong and the stitches were unraveling so…I stupidly took them off the needle (size 13) and tried to frog a few rows to get a clear row of stitches to pick up again and bind off correctly. BUT…the yarn is an eyelash and it is impossible to find all the loops and get them on my needle. I ended up pulling out 1/4 of the scarf (there is no design so it can be slightly shorter!!)
Other than running off to my LYS for emergency help (which is closed until Tuesday), does anyone have an idea of what to do?
nutterknitter :doh:

After you go into a small room and scream really, really loud, I have one idea you can try.

Get to a point where you have the yarn at the end of a row. Then pull out one stitch at a time, very slowly. Watch where the yarn comes out of and put your needle in there.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply :heart: --I thought I was doing that when I pulled out a quarter of the scarf! But I will go slowly this time and try to pick up the stitches as I go. I’ll let you know what happens! :XX:

It is easier for me to put the “loops” on to a darning needle threaded with a contrasting yarn … then when I have all the loops on my “reverse life line” I put them on my needle.

Thanks again for the ideas–I have been chicken to go near it and I think I will take it into my LYS tomorrow–I need it tonight for a birthday gift but I went shopping for more yarn on Saturday and knitted a whole new scarf (almost!) to give to my friend tonight. Love that garter stitch and size 13 needles! This one is even nicer–but it is a synthetic like cashmere and I think it sheds!!! Will that stop after handwashing?
Nutter :thinking: