Need help grafting cables

Well, I just knit my first cable and it turned out great, except now I’m supposed to graft it. I’ve done plain SS stitch before, but I don’t even know where to begin grafting this pattern.

Plus my yarn seems to be coming from the wrong side. Instead of coming from the back needle, it’s coming from the front one.

Basically the pattern I’m grafting looks like this:

It’s the Coronet hat band off of Knitty.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this??



Wow, I’ve only ever done grafting for stockinette (socks), too…Would that not work?


you say that your yarn is on the front needle instead of the back. did you remember to stop at row 7 of the pattern? if you finish with row 7, your working yarn should be on the left side of your braid pattern so when you bring the 2 ends together, it should be on the back right hand side.

as for the actual grafting, can’t help you there. sorry.

Thanks, SandraEllen. Good point. I’m sure I didn’t stop at row 7. Following the directions would help immensely, wouldn’t it? grin

As for doing the grafting in the normal way for SS, wouldn’t that make it NOT seamless? I was under the impression that you do something slightly different to graft purl stitches. I googled and found someone saying that you could cheat and just turn the work around (which I’m guessing means RS together, WS facing.) I tried that and it didn’t work out, but maybe I could just try that again. Perhaps having my yarn in the right place this time would fix a host of grafting problems.

Is there a book out there that tackles questions like these?

Thanks, Sara

You’d only end up with a seam at those 4 purl stitches, but you’re right, you would end up with a seam nonetheless.

All the books I have, and granted, they are few, only discuss grafting stockinette. :frowning:

I am curious to know if you find something–please keep us updated!

It worked out ok. I turned it RS together to graft the purl stitches and WS together to graft the knit stitches and it looks just fine. Hooray. Hooray!

I suppose this would be how one grafts ribbing, too.