Need help getting pattern to 'pop'


I am knitting these cute fruit cloths by

I am using Lily’s Sugar’n Cream on size 3 needles (3.25 mm). Even so, the pattern is barely discernable. Any tips or suggestions for getting the purl stitches to pop out more?

Thank you, as ever, for your help.

Have you made an entire cloth yet? Because they use only one color and use textural changes with stitches for the design they won’t stand out or pop a whole lot.

Look at the project page for the pattern. Many of those don’t stand out a lot either. I think lighting for the photos makes them pop more.

Wow, size 3s are awfully small for this weight of yarn, maybe the designer is a loose knitter…? I don’t think they’ll make the pattern stand out better than using size 6, 7 or 8. But do the whole thing first, then wash and dry it to see if that looks better.

Well, blocking definitely helped. I found the best result was to purl very tightly (give a little extra tug to tighten each purl stitch). Of course, then the cloth comes out more rectangular than square, but I just stretched it under water while soaking, then blocked it out. You really have to press down on the stockinette to get the central image to stand out.

While doing so, I wondered about the design. It is basically a backdrop of stockinette, with a purled image in the center. Is there a stitch other than a simple purl that would stand out (up) more against the stockinette? I could not think of one, but I am sure there are some experts here who could!

Maybe garter stitch will pop out of a st st background a little better.