Need help from Marigoldin WA!

I made my first swirl hexagon for the swirl scarf and I cannot figure out how to knit on the second hexagon. Do I pick up the 10 stitches with right side facing? And how should I cast on the other 50? I tried it two different ways and I’m sure the hexagon will be upside down. (I feel like making all separate ones and then sewing them together!)

I picked the stitches up with the right side facing, then I used a knitted cast on to add the other stitches. I had trouble with my joins. Here is what I wrote in my project notes about this at Ravelry:

I don’t know that I ever did figure out the “right” way to connect the motifs. I always had trouble with the first row joins. I was working them inside out (for me) and would, after I had about 7 rounds done, either have to pull the whole works through the middle of my dpns or fold everything so that the right sides were up and then maneuver all my needles around so that they were now on top too. Crazy. The second row joins were okay.

Although it seemed like I was working the hexagons ‘inside out’ they were really attached the proper way but I had to mess with things to straighen out the work on each one as described above.

You could make them separate and sew them together, but then you might have a bit of a seam. It wasn’t bad doing it the way I did. I wish the pattern had described how they did it. Maybe it was as whacko as my way and they didn’t want to tell you about it. LOL

Thank you so much! I printed out your reply and gave it another (#5) try, and it’s working!! Sometimes you just have to consult the Oracle!!

I’m glad that I was able to help somehow. :lol: Are you having them turn out without having to fiddle with them as I did, or are you getting the kind of result I did? If you did figure out the “right” way, I’d be happy to learn it myself. :oops: I’m glad its working so you can carry on. :thumbsup:

It’s not inside out! I did what you said-picked up 10 with right side facing,. Then I had to turn it to the wrong side to knit cast on. When I split the stitches on the dpns, I had to make sure I turned them the right way so that the working yarn was on the third needle. It’s right side up! I’m on #3 now. I have enough yarn to do the shawl, but I’m going to make 2 scarves instead. I’m using the yarn used in the original in green.

Maybe that bit about the working yarn on the 3rd needle is different than what I did, I don’t know. LOL It worked any how. It sounds like all is well for you now. Its a lovely scarf. My daughter loved hers.