Need help from all you wool gurus!

This is a tragedy.
So…I have this beautiful off white/cream colored pea coat. I got it last winter. After a few weeks of wearing it, I had some makeup stains going on around the collar. I found a stain remover pen that said it was ok on wool, and it kind of got the stain out, but not completely. I told mom in law about it, and the next time we went to see them, she took my coat and said she could get the stain out. SHE USED A BLEACH PEN ON IT!!! Now the whole inside and a little of the top outside of the collar is yellow! Do you think a trip to the dry cleaners may help with this? I would be happy to get it a little less noticable.

i saw some website that said to rinse it with hydrogen peroxide, then hand wash it. Anyone agree or have other suggestions? Thanks!