Need help for Triangular Summer Shawl

[COLOR=“Black”]This is a pattern in “knitted Lace of Estonia”. It was also featured in Interweave Magazine.

I have completed the initial (top) lace edge of the pattern, and am stuck on row 5 of the center section. After ripping out several times I’m still trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong. I’m experiencing an incorrect count or nupp placement on this row? I have 42 stitches before the repeats start and 41 stitches after completing the repeats (150 st). Seems to agree with pattern count but not with nupp placement. I keep ending up with an additional stitch between the y/o’s and the nupp placement on row 5.

Appreciate any and all help!


I googled this to see which issue of the magazine the pattern was in, and found this:

Maybe this will answer your problem?

Thank you Ingrid.
Unfortunately, I’ve been there and my shawl is not included in the corrections. I guess I’ll have to rerip again - I just seem to make the same mistake. Each nupp in the pattern is only one stitch away from the next nupp every other row and count though I may - I mess up each time. Such a beautiful pattern but I’m wearing out my yarn!