Need help for top down kardigan

Dear friends,
I made a top down kardigan. I finished it yesterday. It has lots of cabels because of that it was shrinking so i made a border of seed stitch. Now my problem is that it is rolling upward. I can show its picture if it is you cant understand my problem. Can you please suggest me something.
Thanks and regards

Your seed stitch is rolling? Usually that doesn’t roll much…how many rows of seed stitch did you do?

A picture would be helpful.

I have made 4 rows. Can crochet help me now?

Seed stitch should work. Can you post a picture?

I m not able to attach a file, so i ve uploaded it here

Ahhhh I think the problem is because you picked up the stitches from the CO edge. Picked up stitches like that don’t seem to lie as flat for some reason I think. I wonder if you could either do the seed stitch with a larger needle or frog the seed stitch, take out the CO edge (it’s a pain, but doable) and then with the needles in the stitches continue down in the seed stitch so it’s not picked up, but actually connected to the original knitting. :think:

It’s a pretty sweater!

Wow that’s a beautiful sweater!

Hey Jan,
I dint picked up the stitches, i continued it with seed stitch. What do you mean by frog the seed stitch? I dint get that. I m so sorry but i m a new knitter so couldnt understand that. Can you please explain.


Do you mean that you already had the needles in the stitches? I thought you said it was finished so I assumed it was either bound off or that was the CO row.

To frog something is to “rip it, rip it”…like a frog says? It means to rip back your knitting. :teehee: The comment I made about frogging it doesn’t apply if you didn’t pick up the stitches. In that case I’m not sure what is going on. If it’s wool or cotton you might be able to block it to make it lay flat.

Actually i fineshed that but i was not happy so i removed the last row and did the seed stitch. And now i m still confused.

How about a hem? You could take out the bind off, purl a row on the right side for a fold (or do a picot edging where you work one row of yo k2tog and fold on that line) and then work in stockinette on a smaller needle for an inch or so and then sew it to the inside.

It seems a nice idea. One more suggestion please. Do i ve to remove the binding or i can pick the stitches and first line on rs do picot and then stockinette and after that hem. I m a new knitter. help please.

You don’t have to take out the bind-off, but it will make a smoother fold if you do.

Thank you.

I have no advice, but the photo is beautiful!

Thanks knit2btied