Need help for sandbar pullover tuck pattern


I need help for 1,2 and 3 row tuck knitting pattern.

1st row: k1,p1,yo, sl1 p-wise wyib,p1
2nd row:p1,k1,sl st and yo p-wise wyif,yo,k1
3rd row: k1,p1, k next st and 2 yo tog, p1



What seems to be causing the problem?


Thanks for your reply. I am confused about the Tuck st pat: row 1, row2 and row3.


1st row: k1,p1,yo, sl1 p-wise wyib,p1. When you k1p1 the yarn will finish in front, bring the yarn to the back over the right needle toward the back (that’s the yarn over), slip one stitch purlwise. Now bring the yarn around the needle and to the front between the needle tips and p1.

2nd row: p1,k1,sl st and yo p-wise wyif,yo,k1. P1k1 bring the yarn to the front (the front is facing you) slip stitch and the yo from the previous row purlwise bring the yarn to the back over the right needle and k1.

3rd row: k1,p1, k next st and 2 yo tog, p1. P1k1, knit together the clump which is formed by the 2 yarn overs and the next stitch, p1p1.


Thank you so much for helping. :hugs::hugs::hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:


Hi there, I too am interested in this pattern but struggling with deciphering it. Could you possibly repeat what you mean with the 3rd row as I cant see how I end on p1p1. ?

To be honest the whole pattern is probably beyond me but I am trying to give it a good go before I admit defeat and have so far roped in both of my Grandmothers but to no avail as yet. I cant help but feel if I could just get into a rhythm I will be ok, getting beyond the setup row is as far as I can successfully get though before having to redo again and again!

Any help would be much appreciated :smile:


Welcome to KH!
It’s sometimes difficult to get started on a pattern stitch but often working a smaller swatch helps. This pattern is a multiple of 2 + 3 so some multiple of 2 like 20 will work. Cast on 23sts and give it a try.

Row 3: K1, p1, *k next st and 2 yo tog, p1; rep from * to last st, k1.

It looks like my mistake on row 3. It should end with p1 at the final repeat then the final k1. Sorry for that confusion.


By golly I think I’ve got it hahaha! Thank you so much, it may take me some time but I expect I will be back with more questions as I work through the pattern


Hi again. I have got the pattern to work but have now decided to start again as I wasnt happy with my yarn. I want to follow their gauge to check that I have the right weight and needles this time, could you help? It says:

16 sts x 32 rows = 4" in tuck st pat, blocked.

When looking at the main pattern instructions, there is a Setup Row of P1, K1 rep before then starting the 4 row tuck st pat.

Should I do the setup row in my gauge or go straight into the 4 row tuck stitch “blocked”?

Thanks again in anticipation of your answer x

** I have just tried quickly both ways and I cant make the pattern work with 16 sts so am going to work on your original suggestion of 20 sts again


I didn’t look at the pattern multiple which is a repeat of 2sts + 3 when I suggested 20 sts. I apologize for the confusion. You would need to cast on 21sts to work the pattern.
I suggested 20sts so that you could measure over the middle 16sts not including the sts near the edge in your measurement.

Yes, work the set up row when you work your gauge swatch.


So glad this tuck pattern for Sandbar Pullover was discussed. I’m trying to knit the same sweater and could not decipher the pattern either! Thanks!! Can’t believe I found this by a google of Rae Blackledge. And now to try again ….