Need Help for ending part

The ending for a hat says: [COLOR=“Blue”]Break off yarn. Thread through remaining sts, pull securely and fast off[/COLOR]

what does it mean har?

also, this pattern done with two straight needles so after ending, i just need to join together so that it become a cap? normal stitching?

what’s the difference with weaving?

Cut a long tail of yarn, put it on a tapestry needle and pull it through all the stitches that are left on the needle. Pull the yarn so the top stitches close into a circle, and then sew the seam down the back of the hat.

Check out Mattress stitch–Amy has video and it works great.

thank!! will check out the video!!

need ya advise…

if the pattern didnt mentioned which method to sew down the back of the hat, then what method should i use?

Patterns don’t usually say how to do seams. Most people use Mattress stitch.

thanks!! i was trying to figure what sort of seams for the hat…