Need help for a pattern


I really need some help understanding the pattern from the link bellow (the pattern is the orange one, no 31):


I know there are two patterns there: feather & fan and some ‘trellis eyelet’ (I think is called, I’m not an English native speaker). I have a problem with getting from one pattern to another, no of sts, inc and dec, etc.\

I set my mind on this pattern, so I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

I believe this is the photo you are talking about. I don’t see a pattern with it. Do you have the pattern? Or, are you asking how to do it just from looking at the picture?

I can see the pattern but not the instructions. I think the usual problem is not doing a yarn over or forgetting a decrease. Count sts after each row to make sure that you have the number you should. In some cases the number of sts changes with each row but returns to the cast on number after each pattern row repeat.
It may also help to use stitch markers betweein each repeat along the row. It helps with counting sts and makes it easier to see if there are more or fewer sts between markers.
Are there written instructions in English for the pattern?

that’s the problem with this pattern: [B]there are no written instruction, only the foto.[/B]I got stucked at the end of the feather and fan pattern and beggining of the trellis eyelet, where the decreseases are made. That’s why I asked for help! :slight_smile:

OK, yoou may have to look at the number of sts in each trellis repeat and then count the number of sts you have on the needle and adjust to fit the next pattern. It might help to try out the two patterns on some scrap yarn for one or two of the repeats just to work it out.