Need help for a beginner please

Hi everyone. Sorry if this is a really basic question but ive literally just started knitting. Thought I would attempt a cute bear pattern which I was assured was for beginners. I’m not understanding some of the lingo though. What does this mean?
" inc knitways in every st. 14 sts
Starting with a purl row, st-st 5 rows"

Am I correct in saying the first line means increase every stitch knit wise until you have 14 stitches? I don’t understand the second line!

Would appreciate any help!

the first line could mean increasing in every stitch until you have 14 total (especially if you started with 7, that makes perfect sense, as 7x2=14)

the 2nd line for sure means to stockinette stitch (one row knits, one row purls, repeat as needed), but start with a purl row.

do you have a little bit more of your pattern, or a link to it, so i/we can be sure to steer you correctly? :wink:

Oh great thanks so much! The link to the pattern is here

(but I think you have to subscribe to get it?) I got free in knit today mag. Never knew knitting a row in knit then purl was called stockinette-thanks for the help!