Need help fixing 1x1 rib

Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been knitting for years, but not for a while. I’m half way through a 1x1 rib hat on CNs and all of a sudden I notice a funky stitch. It’s not dropped, but there’s a weird bunched up spot. I have tried to fix it and have only made it worse. My eyes aren’t so good, and I can’t seem to find any examples online of what 1x1 rib should actually look like at the needles (close up of actual stitches) so I can see what’s wrong. I’m not even sure unknitting is going to help at this point, but if I can’t fix it, I will end up frogging my hours and hours and hours of work.

I would add a photo, but this is my first post, so the site won’t let me.

Does anyone know of a photo showing what 1x1 rib should look like at the needles (not the middle of the work - the needle stitches are so much different looking to me) or a video showing how to correct this? It might have started out as an extra stitch/loop, but my attempt at fixing it has turned it into something else entirely!

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Hi and Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Here’s a video that shows a close up of k1p1 rib. You’re rib looks beautiful to me. I don’t exactly see the problem but I don’t think it’s an extra st because that would throw off the k1p1 sequence of the rib. Maybe you inadvertently reversed direction when you picked up the knitting?
If you think the problem is in the last row or two, you could just un-knit (tink) that row without taking it entirely off the needles and see if it corrects the problem.

Yeah, I think you might have set it down and picked it up going the wrong way too. Though the first st on the needle on the right look like you did it wrong - knit instead of purl, purl instead of knit. Just slip it off the needle, undo the top loop and poke it through the direction. There’s a video for doing than under Fixing Mistakes on the Tips page. How to fix a stitch without ripping back is what I think its labeled.

thanks so much for your help. i think what you’re seeing is my attempt at fixing the problem, which is probably how it got turned the wrong way - i tried both ways and it’s still wrong, like there is an extra loop at the bottom - so hard to explain. if you just want to come to my house i can show it to you :wink:

i will revisit it tonight when i have it in front of me again. i will try unknitting that row - hopefully when i get to that point i will see what i did. i don’t usually have to look at my needles when i’m knitting (that’s what TV is for) but i will be more careful until i get this hat done.

thanks again!

If you make a chocolate cake, we’ll try to be at your house before you ice it! Good luck with the repairs. We all do this.

I think I’d try to fix it holding everything with the right side facing me, then unravel three stitches, the one on the right needle and the two on the left needle in your picture, until everything looked right. Then I’d work them back up with a crochet hook. I like to turn to the back side when I have to run a purl stitch back up, that way I can work it as a knit.