Need help finding this pattern for this pretty flower

Debbie this is from a post of yours and I love it. I did a search on Yvey Wayling and I can not find anything. Can you assist me locating more info. I need desparately a flower to add to small neckwarmer that is way to plain. I need one that isnt too difficult.

Some of these are hideous, some are cute. You can decide! :wink:

I’ve used these roses before. Actually your example looks like you may be able to make it by knitting the flat flower, then layering it with a couple of the flats & put a rose on top, knit leaves & the vines can be done with the spiral technique (ex. cast on x# of sts depending on how long u want your ‘vine’, Row 1: kfb all sts, Row 2 kfb all sts & bind off) I did that with the adornments on my Booga Bag as u can see here. I would suggest experimenting with different flowers & the layering of them…you could have a garden in no time :wink: :roflhard:

thanks Ingrid the only one of those i would consider I couldnt make out the pattern , it was the pointsetta one. i tried flower number 2 and cant quite understand what it is telling me. <My neckwarmer needs some umph, it is a nice piece but totally bland. has lovely patterns for knitted flowers. They give the option to felt or not felt. Another thing about Knit Whits, they have some of THE best, well-written patterns I have ever seen. So clear & thorough.

Internette … I PM’ed you :slight_smile: