Need help finding the right needles for sock pattern

:slight_smile: Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to knitting and I’m ready (I hope) to graduate from hats to socks. I’m interested in doing the following free pattern from Ravelry:

The pattern states that I need the following needles:

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) – set of 2 Circular Needles, or size needed to obtain gauge.

My first question is, how long do my circular needles need to be? They come in various lengths, so I’m not exactly sure what to get. I’m assuming since they’re for socks, that I should get the shortest length?

Also, it says I need “set of 2 Circular Needles.” I assume this to mean that I need two pairs of circular needles (so 4 needles total), but when I look at the pattern, it only talks about needle1 and needle2, so I don’t know if I need one pair or two pairs (Does “needle1” mean one of the needles in a circular pair, or is it referring to the entirety of the circular needle and then ‘needle2’ would be the second circular needle pair?)

If anyone thinks a different sock pattern would be better for the newest of the newbs, I’m open to suggestion. I definitely want to start with something pretty basic to ease my way into socks. Thank you!

IMO as you say you are “pretty new to knitting” you should start with socks made of worsted weight yarn.

I personally prefer my sock needles to be 47" as that seems to be the longest I can find and I do 2 at a time on magic loop. For knitting with 2 circs, I’d still go 47 inches since you can deal with the extra cable if you do one at a time and you just might want to try 2 at a time.

You might find this link helpful.

Making socks isn’t really all that complicated but the first time can be challenging.

Here’s a video for knitting with two circular needles. It’ll give you an idea of how each sock will be knit.
The pattern really does mean two separate circular needles. Each needle has two working tips (so you’ll have 4 tips, total). When the pattern refers to needle 1 or needle 2, it means the separate needles.
I think a larger needle than the 16 inch would be better. The tension on the cable of a 16 inch may make it a little tiring to work with for very long.

Thank you, you were both so helpful! The video is really helping me visualize how the process in this particular pattern works. The cometosilver link is awesome; I think I’m going to try to knit my first pair of socks this way and then move on to more complex patterns. Thanks again!

Are you going toe-up or top-down?

I knit mine on 16" circulars and to decide if I liked Bamboo better…which I do I got mine off Ebay before spending alot on other needles. You can get many sizes and lengths but dont order any from China it takes FOREVER for them to show up so click USA only. They work very well for beginners to learn. If you want to learn the Magic loop get 1 set with longer cables or tubes. I got the regular and really didnt like the feel so tried the Carbonized and LOVE THEM!!! They slide better and no snags. I like Bamboo better as they arent so slick like metal needles. Guess its just what ever you prefer.
I have 16" and a few other sizes… Good Luck!