Need help finding pink pillow pattern

I was sure I bookmarked it … but …

I think it is a bolster pillow type pattern, but may just be square.

It is pink and has a hugs and kisses ( X O ) borders and hearts in the middle.

It is solid pink and the stitches make the pattern.

I think it is a free pattern, but may be purchase or in a book.

Thanks !!!

Bump :slight_smile:

:think: I don’t remember that one…

Is this it? :pray:

YES !!! :woohoo:Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!:woot::woot:

You are the best … and I am going to print the pattern RIGHT NOW … and save it in my knitting file and maybe even copy it into word !!!

Thanks again for taking the time to find it for me!

:happydance: Happy to help.

Searching the net, is good opportunity to see lots more patterns to drool over, that I’ll propably never knit. :lol: