Need help finding pattern!

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry that it’s such a small image. I’m not able to see the pattern or even tell what the material is):

Is there anyone out there that would be able to tell what it is? Thank you!

I assume you mean the scarf? Looks like it could be some kind of waffle pattern. :think: Here’s some that look similar.

Oh, sooo sorry about that! Yes, I did mean the scarf! Thanks so much I’ll check it out! I’ve been dieing to try and find out what the pattern is hehe! :hug:

:teehee: Welcome to Knitting Help!

This looks like a thermal stitch that I do all the time. It looks like the knit pattern on long underwear. Cast on in multiples of 4. This is knit one row, purl one row. Knit two rows of k2,p2 ribbing across. Repeat these four rows for the pattern. If this is done in a worsted weight yarn or higher the weight of the knitted object will be very heavy. I would suggest a sport or baby sport yarn if you use this stitch pattern with a needle size 7 or 8. The exact number of cast on stitches is up to you. Some like them skinny, some like them wider. But it has to be a multiple of 4. Length of scarves are generally 6-7 feet. You can make this longer if you like to wrap it around your neck a few times. Use whatever size needles you like and yarn appropriate for the needle size called for on the label. There’s no gauge needed for something like this.

Great scarf pattern! Thanks!

Thank you sooo much for all of your help guys!! I appreciate it! :heart:

Thank you sooo much for all of your help guys!! I appreciate it! :heart: