Need help finding pattern

I’m a new knitter and I bought some cashmere on ebay and I want to make a scarf for my brother, but I don’t and haven’t been able to find a pattern. Does anyone out there have a pattern for cashmere? Also, is there anything I should know about knitting with cashmere? Its very thin, so should I use two threads at a time when knitting, if so how do I do that?


Claudia :doh: you’ll probably have to become a member to see this, but it’s a simple scarf for you to use.
If you want to make the scarf thicker then use two strands. To do that you’ll want to cast on with both strands and continue knitting like you would with one but use both. Make sense? O yea and if you’re going to use two strands you’ll want to use a bigger needle than if you were just using one strand.
You could always cast on however many you wanted to make it as wide as you wanted and then just knit the whole thing, that’d be pretty too.
good luck!

I think that it would be gorgeous in a lacey pattern, but since it’s for a guy I’m guessing the lace is out!!
You can find lots of pattern here.
did the ebay seller say what size the yarn is/or does it say on a label? Does it read lace wt or fingering wt? Or does it give a gauge and/or recommended needle size?

its a 2 ply black color cashmere and the seller gave me a pattern for a crotcheted scarf-which is lacy. it calls for a 2.75mm needle. since its so thin i’m not sure what to do with it for a man.