Need help finding bootie pattern *Knit)

Hello all! I desperately looking for a tried and true knitting pattern for baby booties with tie on laces, in a basic stockinette style.

I wouldn’t say I’m a super knitter, but I’ve made a number of sweaters including Irish fisherman’s sweater and a Dale of Norway, and have designed and made multicolor sweaters and baby blankets, including one that was two sided, so I generally can read and follow a pattern, knit with even stitches, etc. OTOH I am older and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, so size zero and fingering proved to be a bit on the tough side (but I’m going to the eye doctor on Monday lol)

Over the last week I have made one of several different baby bootie patterns but have found all of them to have problems. One was lopsided, one was miniscule (fingering and size 0), one just plain ugly lol, and finally one the top rolls inwards and refuses to roll out.

I like the stockinette look and, having been a mother, I know I want booties that have eyelets for ties. My plan has been to make an “easy” pair and then move on to either a feather pattern or arrowhead one. And while I don’t mind paying for a pattern it sort of annoys me to have to pay $5-6 for a plain simple baby bootie pattern, when there are a zillion free ones out there.

Can anyone recommend or send me a pattern for a bootie that will actually come out like the photo if the directions are followed?

since I’m new here they won’t let me post a link to what I like sorry! :frowning:

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give!

Thanks so much!

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Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I’ve knit these many times. They fit most of your criteria and they definitely stay on and look like the photos. Over 3600 projects on Ravelry:

If you haven’t joined Ravelry, now is a good time and it’s free to join.

Thanks so much! I will start those right now! :slight_smile:

I also need one for DK and for worsted as I went rather hogwild at the yarn store (who me? blush stammer)

Many many thanks!

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PS: Yes I have joined Ravelry. I have my eye on these Jester booties:
which I think are just darling…

Those are adorable. I’m making booties and baby socks right not so the link is much appreciated.

She has a number of wonderful booties. I wrote her about a “package deal”. She is on vacation now but she said to remind her and she will do something for summer. Here is another link in that case – I am waiting to find out the gender of the baby before picking one of these…

Oh dear, another question please. The pattern you sent says fingering, but the Lion yarn they suggest is actually a 3, as is the Red Heart Baby. Can you tell me please which you have used successfully? And which size needles? I tend to knit on the tight side but I am working on loosening up. (I don’t have DP needles so will have to go to store later… Davis is a small college town without knitting resources so I will have to travel :-()

Since you have to travel to get needles I strongly suggest you buy more yarn while three!! :woot: It would be so sad if you accidentally ran out of yarn! :roflhard:

BTW really enjoy your username. It remind me of what I did to my mom when I asked her what she wanted for an email address. :slight_smile:

Well I ended up ordering the needles from Amazon, as I just couldn’t touch the price and the traffic to and from Lake Tahoe is just horrendous on Fridays/Sunday. They will be here Tuesday.

Could you Please tell me which yarn size you use with which size needles?

Enough yarn… sigh… I confess that I still have some confetti yarn that I bought when my daughter (the one that is now pregnant!) was little! There was a store going out of business at the time… sigh…

In the meantime I tacked down the tops of the booties where the tops rolled inwards, and, bolstered by the cheer I’ve found here, and reminding myself I’ve been knitting for almost 50 years, I started a wrapping cocoon in a bulky variegated brown, that I am adapting from a regular cocoon free pattern that I have found online. I want to make this adorable set, but she only sells it made, not the pattern.

I figure once we know the gender of the child I can make the inside of the ears either pink or blue!

But I don’t feel that the sacks are practical, so I am making it so that it can wrap open and closed, and with holes for a car seat buckle.

Then Tuesday when the needles arrive I will start the booties, again, if you will please please tell me which number yarn you use and which number needles! Many thanks!


I was probably using a sport or a DK weight for the booties. I was knitting for charity though so I wasn’t so concerned about size. They were sure to fit some baby!
Trying to loosen up is a good idea and going up a needle size or two may help especially on projects where gauge is critical.
I love the little cocoon and your idea for lining the ears. I’ve wondered too how easily one can slip the baby into a cocoon? Once in it looks handy and warm.

Since I have so much fingering yarn I have starting on this FREE pattern which seems to be going well:

It has optional eyelets for a tie. I alternated colors every two rows on the tongue and then did the second color on the cuff and I’m liking how it is turning out… a few errors mind you (I don’t know how people manage without dropping or adding stitches with this tiny stuff, but I’m going with the “fix it when you see it” style lol). Now I’m just trying to decide what kind of bind off to use.



There are various bind offs to choose from. My current fave is the lace/k2tog/Russian bind off, for me it’s stretchy and looks nice. There are other stretchy bind offs such as the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Search on one or just stretchy bind offs and see what you find.
Dropping and adding stitches gets less of a problem with practice. When I first knit socks it was hard, now US sz. 000 needles are no real big deal for me.

The booties sound adorable. I hope we get to see a photo of a finished pair.
Yes, as GG mentions, there are lots of different bind offs. The other simple thing to consider is to use a needle one or two sizes larger in your right hand as you work the bind off. That ensures that the bind off sts are a bit larger with more yarn in them.

I have used larger to cast on but I never thought to do it for bind-off I don’t know. Unless I have and have forgotten about it. LOL Thanks for the idea.

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but have been terribly ill – in and out of hospital changing pacemakers twice, and all around having a hard time. And THEN, after making these cute booties on size 1 needles, the princess decided that they really didn’t want booties… I almost wept. You can’t see them well, but these have eyelets around the ankles for cord. They looked pretty with a watermelon pink shiny ribbon. <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/c/c277d60ef83dbf074e076291a0cae911be1884cf.jpg" width=“305” height=“292”>

dang, one didn’t upload

Anyway these are really easy to do, once you figure out how the tongue works


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Sorry to hear about your illness and hospital stays. I hope that you’re feeling better now.
The booties are darling. They’re pretty effective at keeping little toes warm too.
Did you use a pattern for them?