Need help finding baby booties pattern

I have tried just a regular google search but the thing is i am relatively new to knitting and have only ever really made scarves before so doing anything else is quite daunting.
I’d like to make some baby booties for my friend who is due at any time, something nice and simple which I can do with 2 needles which won’t take me weeks lol.
I have looked on this website but all the patterns seem to be “intermediate” which i think will be too hard for me

Does anyone know of any nice bog standard easy baby booties? i don’t need any with frills or fancies, just something nice and simple.

One day I will do something that’s not a darn scarf. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Bug. These look pretty good.

And then here’s the link to the whole list of patterns:

I hope you find something good!

I’m assuming you want booties knit flat and seamed rather than booties knit on double pointed needles (DPN)?

Here are three easy ones that are knit flat.