Need help finding an equivalent pattern or adjusting this one

Hi I am new to the forum and new to knitting. I have really enjoyed reading the threads and learning from your collective wisdom. I want to knit my daughter a hat and she picked out this one (link in next post as I don’t have enough posts to post a link in here.) However, the yarn she picked out is larger than the pattern yarn. This yarn calls for a US size 11 needle… The pattern calls for 7’s and 9’s. The yarn package says it is Araucania brand Coliumo Multy 70% wool/30%silk 100 gr, 95 yards, guage us 12 sts/10cm/4" Distributed by knittingfever dot com

Okay, so my question is how do I adjust the pattern to accommodate the yarn or can someone point me to a similar pattern that uses thicker yarn. also, I will be knitting it in the round and so far I know I need to knit the ws rows reversed, any other pointers are appreciated. Thanks,

Here is the link to the pattern she likes.

The chart and the repeating stitch pattern, is a multiple of 6 sts. So decrease the number of repeats you do, and do less sts by sets of 6. The pattern at 50 sts (6x8 plus 2 sts for seaming) makes a piece that’s 9" across, so if you get 3 sts per inch you need about 27 sts instead. A CO of about 26 sts will work - that’s 6x4 plus the 2 sts for seaming. Then work the length the same, 8".

Thank you. I am knitting it as a whole on circs so I decreased my co by 12 stitches(plus the 4 for seaming I won’t need), hoping that it ends up the correct size. I need it to be about 20". I guess I’ll give it a try and see how the cabling goes. It seems simple enough to read the ws backwards. As long as it fits I’ll feel like I learned something here.

Cables are like ribs except for when the sts cross, so if you just knit the knits and purl the purl sts it should work out okay.

Suzy’s right. Cable patterns seem intimidating to a beginner, but you’re just knitting the knits and purling the purls until you get to the turn rows where you twist the cable. That’s only every four or six rows, depending on what your pattern says. I just learned how to do cables a few months ago. Don’t let them scare you. It’s not as hard as you think. I know you can do this. Pretty soon you’ll want to put cables on everything.