Need help finding a pattern

ok um Im going to describe it the best that I can…it is a scarf that looks like it is knit in all garter stitch only diagonally :?? Anyway I like it alot and wanted to use my malabrigo to make that scarf :verysad: Did anyone ever here of it?

something like this but free

are you talking about the short row rib scarf?

no but thats nice too :teehee:

This one?
Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf

um yea its alot like that but I only want to use one color and the ends are straight not slanted :wall: Maybe one of you could help me what Im really looking for is an easy scarf pattern using malabrigo for the international scarf swap :teehee: At first I was looking for a scarf knit long wise but no luck there and then I thought maybe one knit like a washcloth by increases would go really quick and be easy. Any suggestions?

To make one like the Blue Sky Alpacas scarf…

CO 3 sts, inc in first st, k1, inc in last stitch. Turn, knit across.
Inc in 1st st, knit across to last stitch, inc in last, stitch, turn, knit across.

Repeat until the right edge on RS is the width you want, measured from the CO to your needle. Then…

SSK, knit across to last st, inc in last sts, turn, knit across.
Repeat until it’s the length you want, then…

SSK, knit across to last 2 sts, k2tog, turn, knit across.
Repeat until you’ve used up all the sts.


Sue thank you sooo much :muah: and thanks everyone else who tried to help me I really appreciated it :hug:

Geesh…I had to use the Wayback Machine to find this so if you like it print or save it to your computer. I made this one and it was very easy to do.

Multi-directional scarf

Oh wait…this one popped up… :?? Same thing though I guess. Whatever.
Multi directional diagonal scarf

BTW…did you see this diagonal scarf you are referring to somewhere?

Thanks Jan I bookmarked that scarf :heart: umm yes I did see the scarf I was talking about in the picture archives of the last international scarf swap blog but there was no pattern.

I see you got some instruction! :cheering:

yep everyone is so helpful here :hug: