Need Help finding a pattern

Good Day,

I am trying to help a friend find a pattern for a cardigan. She took a picture of the cardigan but I can’t identify the motif used. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If you know the name of the motif or stitches used, please let me know and I will search on those.

Thank you for your help,

That’s going to be kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack… Is this a hand knit or is it machine knit?

It’s hand knit. I was hoping someone would know the name or pattern
of the cables.

If I see it I’ll be sure to respond.

Thank you. It’s much appreciated.

I saved the image. I’m going to ask my knitting friends and I’ll get back to you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the pattern’s on Ravelry, it’s not tagged in a way I can find it.

I’d just take a basic cardigan pattern with a fit I liked and a similar gauge, and rewrite it to include the cables. Somebody correct me if I’m interpreting this wrong; it looks like one type of cable is used for the hem, button band, collar and cuffs in place of the usual ribbing, as well as for the length of the sweater. I’m thinking it’s a wide, open single twist cable–anybody else know what cable that is?

The large open diamonds have bobbles worked into the centers and then a column of knit stitches coming up from each of the top row of bobbles, gradually traveling toward the center of the diamond point as they ascend, and then the diamonds narrow into a single-twist cable as they approach the neckline. That should all be fairly simple to create a chart for. If your friend’s in love with the look, she’ll probably have to create her own pattern.

Hi there,
this looks like a sort of wave rib and bobbles stitch