Need help finding a pattern or pattern book

I have a friend who knits and has a husband who has dialysis several times a week. Poor man gets very cold while having it done and she wants to knit him a nice thick sweater with a removable sleeve for the arm that has the graft in it. Does anyone know of patterns for people with disabilities or such that there may be out there? She is trying to figure out how she can make the sleeve removable, considering a zipper, but she isn’t quite sure how that would work.

Thanks for all your help.

I’ve never seen a pattern for this type of sweater, but could imagine at least one way to do it… I’d advise knitting any drop-shoulder sweater pattern, but knitting the sleeve that has to come off an inch or so longer at the top (shoulder) end, and adding in a row of buttonholes around the top of the sleeve (skipping the section right under the arm, where a button might be uncomfortable). Then, instead of sewing on the sleeve, sew buttons on the body of the sweater, and button the sleeve on!

You are so sweet! Thank you for the suggestion. I sent it on to my friend.

This pattern is probably not appropriate for a man, but the idea may be of help.

could the sleeve be made to open along the underside so it could be folded away from the dialysis site? that would be an easier place to put a zipper…

what a sweet idea- I’ll look around to see what other ideas are out there.

Could you knit the sleeve with a slit over the graft site and use hook and loop for when it’s not being used?? My mom just uses a throw and a shawl.

A throw might be a lot more versatile. It could live in the car so it would be handy for the treatments.

I believe the graft side is up under the armpit if I remember what she told me so it would be best if the sleeve completely came off or opened up in some way. I thank you so much for all the ideas and will pass them on to Susan.