Need help finding a pattern for Lacy Green Scarf

Apparently, the pattern was featured in the Summer 2009 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Knitting. Thought I’d purchase a back issue from their website, but that appears to be the only issue that is not available. Any suggestions on where else I might find it? I’ve found it as projects on ravelry, but no pattern. Ideas?

I’m afraid you’ll have to scout around and see if you can find someone willing to trade/sell/gift their magazine.

There’s a trade/sell forum here - you can try positng an ISO message there. Try Ebay. If you’re a member of ravelry, I’m sure they have several trade/sell forums, too.

Well, I e-mailed the Fons & Porter folks again a couple of days after my initial posting here. So I’ve e-mailed them twice now and still no response. Anyone else ever tried and been successful in getting a response from them or I wonder if they just don’t answer e-mail?