Need help figuring this out ~~ Booga Bag question

I have ordered yarn for a booga bag from knitpicks. I’m soooo excited about it. I have ordered 2 balls of ‘cherry blossom’ and two balls of ‘carrot’, and I believe the yardage, oz., and gauge is the same as the yarn the actual booga bag pattern asks for. I want to do a stripe pattern but need help figuring out exactly how to make sure I have enough yarn for the width of stripes I want to do. I want it to be similar to the picture I have posted below, with wide stripes of one colour and narrow stripes of the other. I want to do the bottom of the bag, the narrow stripes, and the strap in the ‘cherry blossom’ colour, and the wide stripes in the carrot colour. Because I have 1 ball more yarn than the booga bag pattern asks for, should I just go for it and see what happens? Do, say, 10 rounds for the wide stripe and 4 rounds for the narrow stripe?? I’m also thinking of doing the i-cord strap first just to make sure I have enough for the strap, then knit the bottom then rounds of the stripe pattern until I’ve pretty much run out of yarn.

OR should I calculate it more specifically??? :?? (If so, that’s where I need the help!!!)


Why don’t you do a small swatch first? (i know, I’m the only person anal retentive enough to do a swatch for a bag, but I don’t care)… That way you can felt the swatch and see does 10 for the wide and 4 for the skinny give you what you want? If you knit a larger-ish swatch, you could see how the lines work AND have a pocket to sew on the outside of the bag once it’s done; thatmight be cool. Or you could just go for it… what’s the worst that could happen? Either way, if you’re worried about not having enough yarn for the strap, I think doing that first is a good idea… OR don’t bother, and you can just go buy another skein if you run out; even it it is a different dye lot it won’t be too noticeable because it won’t be knitted in with the same color (does that make sense?)

Amen, Hilde! :thumbsup:

I just want to make sure I have enough to finish to project because I’m ordering the wool on-line from knitpicks, from Canada, so I don’t really want to have to pay shipping again for one ball. The pattern for the Suki bag (the picture I posted above) says 8 rows main color and 3 rows coordinating color for the stripes and I like how that looks, so 10 rows and 4 rows will be about right I think. We’ll see - maybe I’ll experiment a bit before I actually get going on the project.

Thanks for the help!