Need help figuring out yarn amounts for knitty's PPR

That sweater has my oldest’s name written all over it. Especially the colors; he loves grey. So I can’t find a listing for that yarn when I googled it so I can’t figure out how much I need of anything else. As it is it looks like I will have to use something I can dye so that I can get the colors. AAAGH I have never dyed. Is this yarn available to anyone in the US??

I don’t know what PPR is, can you link it? Nevermind I found it.

I searched and came with a possible misspelling, but that didn’t really help the search. I suggest going to the designer’s website to see if there is any help there and maybe email him, too. Since the yarn is obviously German you just need to know the weight and yardage so you can find one here.

Thanks Jan. Is there aqnything you don’t know???:thumbsup:

TONS of stuff I don’t know. :passedout: But thanks for the kudos! Hope you find what you need!

Oh I don’t know you always seem to answers to my questions. I have to wait for dh to get home so that I can set up the express mail thing on this(his) computer since it won’t just show me his email address when I hit contact for the designer. Bummer but I can still run to the lys to get some ideas for yarn!

Does the email show at the bottom when you hold your cursor over it? I have a PC and use Firefox. Anyway I’m PMing it to you. :wink:

Thanks Jan I sent an email. I kind feel like a starstruck teenager writing to the designer. :inlove: It is just too perfect for my oldest.


I hope you get an answer. I wrote twice to the designer for another Knitty pattern (Sonnet) and never got a response. Very unprofessional IMO. I’m hoping it was just an email problem, but I never got a notice or anything. :shrug:

He states in the description at the beginning that it was German yarn he used, and mentioned substitutes. But apparently forgot that balls of yarn come in different yardages…

In the description of the materials, it states that each skein of the yarn he used was 95 yards. Multiply that by the number of skeins and you’ll get yardage; together with the gauge, that should get you in the ballpark. (And then buy a couple too many, because you never know – and it doesn’t hurt to have extra if you’ve miscalculated. Stash is good!)

Thank you. Now to find grey yarns. I suppose I could do it in a wool blend to so it would be warmer. I am thinking warmer as the thermometer outside the house is still registering in the upper thirties today.

Yeah, I overlooked it before. I think some of the colors you wouldn’t need a whole skein for, so just using the total number of skeins should work out about right.
From the gauge, it sounds like a DK weight, but he suggests Rowan All Seasons cotton. You could search on that.

The nice designer wrote me back. He has sent a way for me to try to find it in Germany to have shipped. I really need the grey for it to work for my older ds. He even wrote back about my youngest knitting since I told him that my youngest ds (7) was happy to see a picture of another guy knitter. Of course Mason is still the coolest because he drives a truck too.