Need help figuring out pattern

Pattern stitch is a cable. It says do M.1 which reads -
put 4 sts on cable needle behind work, k4,k4 from cable needle
put 4 sts on cable needle in front of work k4,k4 from cable needle

The pattern reads do M.1 (12 sts) I can’t figure it out. I can give the entire pattern if needed, it’s short and simple, I thought. Any help would be so very much appreciated.

It’s a free pattern from Drops so may be English term
Thank you

A link to the pattern would be better, Drops pattern are Norwegian and they use the term M.1 for the charts. M is short for the word for chart, mönster or something.

Basically you do exactly what it says - put 4 sts on the cable needle, let them flop to the back, knit 4 from the L needle, then knit the 4 sts from the cable needle. That’s called C8B in US patterns, and it make the cable cross to the right. The other one, you put 4 sts on the cn and let them hang in front of your work, k 4 from the L needle and k4 from the cable needle. That’s known as C8F and make the cable with a left twist.

Sorry it won’t let me post the link. Thank you. I will start and see how it looks. Thank you for your reply.

If you have anymore problems, you should be able to post a link now. Or you can copy the name of the pattern too.