Need help editing signature

I am a complete dunce when it comes to computers. Are there any instructions I can read to explain how the EDIT SIGNATURE works? I need to change some things listed there. I posted originally just by hit or miss. :whoosh: Ellie (see what I mean)

Click on User Settings up at the top left of the screen. From there, go to Edit Signature. The preview is at the top of the middle part of the window, and you can edit it in the window below. You can then preview your changes by clicking that button down below the box, or you can save the changes.

auburn way 2 go!

I think I got it! It even changed my signature on the original post. I think I’ll stick to my knitting and leave computereze to the kids. Ellie:sun:

When you change your signature, it changes it across the board. The same thing happens when you change the picture on your profile. Basically, your messages stay the same, but that kind of stuff changes everywhere.

Don’t be afraid to mess with computer stuff. That’s the best way to learn. :thumbsup: