Need help doing duplicate stitch

Hello Everyone,

I would like to learn how to do the duplicate stitch on my knitting. I have checked on you tube and I can’t seem to get any assistance there.

I decided that I should ask the ladies/gents to help me since the lovely people here have always guided me in the right direction.

Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


Duplicate stitch is easy and a great way to add color to your knitted pieces… I found thisthat has photos of the duplicate st… :happydance:

This is a neat little tutorial on duplicate stitch -

I’ve been intending to give it a try for a while now… I’ve done a little test piece and I don’t think its all that difficult, just a matter of doing a couple of them and I think it could become addictive!

Some of us do dupe st on the WS to weave ends. Great article here:

You can always practice on WS and bg color to get a feel for tension, procedure before working with pattern colors on RS.