Need Help Designing Pumpkin Coaster

Hi there!
I am attempting to design a pumpkin shaped coaster and am having some issues w/ the shape. The finished product is looking more like a bell shaped!
Basically, I am doing kfb at the begining and end of every other row to round it out and then I am using ssk to decrease.
I’ve attached a picture so you can see what I am ending up with.
Any suggestions on how I can make this look more like a pumpkin? Thanks so much!

See if this pattern helps with the basic shape. It’s probably larger than you want but the shape is close to your idea. Eunny Jang did a show where she drew a shape on a piece of paper and then increased and decreased to fit that shape, but then, that’s Eunny Jang for you.

You might consider knitting it in the round. Cast on the stitches for the outside and decrease evenly and gradually till it’s closed. Or possibly go the other way and start with just a few stitches and increase evenly.

Here’s an example -

Then you can add your bits flat to make it a pumpkin.

Your inc/dec pattern seems fine, but you should probably inc at the end of the first row to make it more rounded on the bottom. Or don’t use a slipknot to cast on with…

Thank you so much everyone! I am going to give all your suggestions a try!