Need Help Decreasing Hat

Hello, I’m new here, but not new to knitting.
I’m making a chemo cap for someone, and need help determining the decreases so the top of the hat looks nice.

I cast on 100 stitches, so, when I am ready to decrease, to make that swirl pattern on the crown of the cap, do I knit 10, k2tog, all the way around the first row, and then the third row, knit 9, k2tog, and decrease by one stitch every other row? Or not?

The basic idea is exactly right. Might be better to start with k8, k2tog on the first decrease row and then k7, k2tog on the next decrease row and so on.
It’s a wonderful charity, making these hats. Thank you so much for doing it.

Thanks, Salmonmac. Knitting for charity is enjoyable, and it also gives someone something they need.
Family knitting isn’t as rewarding, because family rarely appreciates the effort and time and cost that goes into knitting a handmade gift, well, at least in my family. :slight_smile:
Do you happen to know of a website that would give me a list of how many to decrease, depending on how many stitches cast on?

Something like this?
Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator

Yes! Very nice, thank you GG. I just measured my sts per in. and see this worsted weight is 5.5.
So…my next hat will be 90 cast on sts., since the other person most likely has a smaller head, so this chart is going to be handy, for sure.

I’m working a fair isle hat, with 98 stitches. For the decreases, to get 7 wedges, do I k8, then k2 together?
The divisors of 98 are 7 and 14, I think. I"m not good with math.

To get 7 wedges decrease every 14sts on the first dec round, k12, k2tog.