Need help deciphering these instructiions!

Could anyone try to help me make sense of these instructions? I’m shaping the neck. I started with 111 sts. Here is what it says to do:
Work 32 sts, join second ball of yarn and b.o. center 33 sts, work to end.
OK…so I worked the first 32 sts., I binded off the next 33sts. But, I’m left with a different amount of sts on the other shoulder side. Shouldn’t both shoulder sides have the same amount of sts to be even?? So…it goes shoulder, bind off, shoulder. So…shouldn’t I have say 32shoulder (an example), neckline, then 32 shoulder (an example). Can someone explain it in very simple, explicit words for this easily confused knitter?? Thanks…! Linda :knitting:

Can you link to the pattern, or is it from a book? I would say that usually both sides are the same, but maybe something is going on earlier or later that would account for it. Hard to say with just what you wrote.

The instructions sound like you should be starting with 101 sts, not 111. Should you have decreased more stitches?

Well…I have egg (yarn) on my face…I forgot to do the decreases for the armholes. That’s why I still have 111sts…After the armholes, I’ll have only 97 and then it will all work out evenly…Sorry for wasting your time…:aww:

Not a waste of time at all. You found out something… And yeah, we all do mistakes like that from time to time.