Need Help Deciphering Pattern

Finished my first crocheted hat (basic bucket style). I want to add a flower to the hat. I have a pattern for the flower but I’m stuck on a round 3 of the pattern. Could someone help me?

I’ve got a six petal flower after round 2. Round 3 says:

Ch 1, holding petals forward, sc around post in between petals on back of rnd 1, ch4, sc around post in between petals of next sc on rnd 1, ch4, repeat from * around, join to first
st. (6ch sps)

I looked up a video for back post single crochet so I understand the concept, but what is the post? If I sc around the post between the petals, chain 4 and then sc around the post again? The second back post confused me.

Thanks for any help.

I posted a video a while ago on how to do just that. Not sure it is the exact same pattern, but the technique would be the same or similar. Take a look and see if it helps you figure out the pattern you are working on. Here’s the link:


This was the perfect visualization for me. Thanks for sharing that link.

I finished the hat!

Congratulations on your lovely finished object. Your crochet is so nice and even, too. Great job on this!

Fantastic hat! You did a beautiful job with it! Love it and the flower is so cool.

Awesome hat and fabulous flower! Glad I could help!


You guys are very sweet. I’ve come a long way with my crochet and I’m currently obsessed with these simple bucket hats. My only problem is that I’m really bad at picking colors. I’m having to seek out help from my more fashionable friends.

The current bucket hat will involve a color change - so I will probably be back here to ask how to do that!

Thanks again! Crochet is my new favorite hobby! :teehee: