Need help deciphering pattern

I am new to knitting and have not increased or decreased yet. Scary! But I wanted to make this shawl out of knit cafe book.

On circular needles co2sts
work 200 rows in St st, and at same time increase 1 st at each side on every row-402sts. Change to larger circular needle when necessary.

Increase 2 sts at each side of next 4 rows-418. BO stitches off loosely.

Note: work increases 3 sts in form each side. Auther says she (k-f/b)or you can (yo).

My question is I am not really sure where I should put increases. The author not is confusing for me!!! Any help would be great thanks!

Below is a “mock” row.


Put your increases where the [COLOR=Blue]X[/COLOR]'s are.
Each “" is a stitch.
(All of the middle "
” aren’t shown due to lack of room in this post.)

If you work the [COLOR=Red]k-f/b.[/COLOR]…work it [U]on[/U] the [B][COLOR=Red]* [/COLOR][/B]in bold.
If you work a [COLOR=Blue]YO[/COLOR]…lay it where the “[COLOR=Blue]X[/COLOR]” is.

Increase at the beginning of the rows, but 3 stitches in. If the shawl is in stockinette, I’d suggest you keep the first and last 3 sts in garter stitch (on the WS row, k 3,inc, purl to last 3 sts, k3). This will help keep it from curling.

Thanks SO much for the help!:stuck_out_tongue: