Need Help Deciphering a Chart Stitch Definition


I’m working on a lace stole that I’m designing using some Estonian Lace stitches. The stitch is charted in a Ravelry document. The document name is “4. Checked waterlily 1” by Olga Jasnovidova. When you’re looking at the key to the chart, the square with the “7” in it says the stitch should be “k3tog7, knit 3 stitches together and [U][B]increase of them 7 stitches[/B][/U] - knit stitches alternatively with yarn over”. What in the world does that mean? Here is a link to the document, Thanks for your help.

Terrie :knitting:

That would mean you k3tog 7 times, putting 7 sts on the R needle. You could k3tog, YO, k3tog YO, k3tog YO k3tog instead, might be a little easier.

This is similar to k1, yo, k1 into one stitch if you’ve ever done that. In this pattern, you’ll keep repeating the ki,yo,k1 until you have 7 sts on the needle. (The video shows 5sts in one so just do one more yo, k1.) The difference with the Waterlily pattern is that instead of working into a plain knit st, you’re working into a k3tog.
So k3tog but before you drop the st from the needle, go back into it and k1,yo,k1 etc until you have 7sts on the right needle and then drop the st from the left needle. It makes the candleflame or waterlily at the center of the diamond pattern in the shawl.

Thank you both so much! :hug:

Terrie :knitting:

with the caveat that you are knitting the SAME 3 stitches together each time. Some people find this easier to do with a crochet hook.