Need help deciding which stitch to seam with

I made a scarf for DD that has alternating 10 rows garter and 10 rows stockinette. She would like me to seam it into a tube. I am not sure what kind of stitch to use since there are two types of knitting in it. Most of my books called for different types of seaming for different knitting. The seam sill be on the inside of the tube. Thank you for any help you can give. :wall:

You can use mattress stitch for just about any edge seam. Puts it on the inside.

I agree with Sue, using the mattress stitch, but the funny:teehee: thing about it is, if you just used the stockinette stitch only, it would have curled up on it’s own and you wouldn’t have to deal with a seam! I found this out making my granddaughter a sweater that turned into a scarf (don’t ask!)


It was a starter project to learn how to knit and purl. So it wasn’t really my choice. I took a class. Sweaters into scarfs huh? I have a feeling something like that will happen to me. This scarf was my first project. Also should I turn it inside out to seam then turn rs out?

When you do the mattress stitch for seaming you should work from what will be the outside when finished. The seam will end up on the inside that way. You do the mattress stitch slightly different for stockinette and garter. Don’t worry, it’s not hard and quite forgiving. Here is a link to a page from an on-line book about knitting that has good instructions and pictures to help you learn mattress stitch. The page this will take you to is the beginning of how to do the stockinette part. The garter instructions are on page 5 of this chapter. To get to the other pages go to the bottom of the page and click on the page numbers.

So I will need to swich back and forth between the two styles as I go up the scarf?

Yes, that is what I mean. You’ll get it.