Need Help - Debbie Bliss Pattern

Hi all!
I’m working on a “Ballerina Top” which is in Debbie’s book - Quick Baby Knits. For the left front, the instructions for shaping the neck read as follows: Next 2 rows: K1, sl 1, yf, turn, sl 1, K1. I’ve got 74 stitches on my needles. If I turn, what happens to the rest of my stitches? She’s not saying to finish the row. Is this to be understood? Also, if she’s saying next two rows, do I perform this action at the beginning of the next row also, or do I wait until I’m at the end of the second row so that the shaping is on the same side? :shrug:
If anyone has made this ballerina top, I’d appreciate some help!
Linda in NJ

It sounds like you’re doing some short rows for shaping. When you do this, you’re only knitting some of the stitches in the center of the piece. Just follow the directions step by step and you should be all right.

I think you should do the second row at the beginning of next the row to keep them balanced.