need help converting yarn weight

my grandma tried to go from this free pattern to super bulky and reduce stitches the result was hilarious

shed like to make this in super bulky her measurements are chest 44 waist 50, size of needle she needs. seems she just needs number of stitches if this is too difficult shes asking if you guys can point her to a basic womans sweater made of super bulky free or not.

any help will be greatfully appreciated. thanks alot yall

Changing yarn weights for a garment is always iffy. You usually can’t just cast on less because you have to take into consideration neck size, sleeve length, armholes, etc.

So basic sweater in super bulky…little hard to find…I mean there were a lot, but not basic. Not sure what type of construction she wants, but here’s a few ideas…

This one is for bulky not super bulky so may not work. Check gauge.

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thanks alot ill relay the message