Need help converting flat knit hat to circular

I’d like to knit this hat on circular needles but I don’t understand the conversion. One website says to “just knit opposite of what the flat knit pattern reads”, (purl=knit, knit =purl) and another says to simply "follow instructions the same as if you were to flat knit them. I know that can’t be right.

here’s the link to the hat I’d like to restart x10:

I’m pretty new to the knitting world and do great on flat knitting, hate the seams though, especially if stripes are involved :confused:

Okay, just CO a stitch number that’s divisible by 4 (like 88 or 92) and k2 p2 for 4". The extra 2 in the original are for the seam and you won’t need them.

Then I would do the odd rows as the WS rows in reverse, but that would basically amount to the same thing as written - k1 p1. Do the even rows as written however the decrease rows need to be adjusted because you don’t have 90 sts to begin with. 88 would work better, so row 4 will be k9, k2tog, row 6 will be k8, k2tog and so on - just knit 1 less st between the k2togs.

That should be all you need to do really.

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Just join the cast on stitches after the first two rows without the twist. This makes it easier to see the pattern is not twisted, then you only have to sew the two stitches together after. Really you just have to follow the directions for the right side rows, the wrong side rows you can forget.:slight_smile: