Need Help converting Christmas Stocking Pattern

Hi! I am new here and I need your help! I have fallen in love with the Jumbo Striped Christmas Stocking pattern on ravelry by Jennifer Jackson. The original is knitted on US size 15 DPN with bulky yarn, but I want to knit it to its original size on size US 6 DPN with Red Heart Super Saver 7 oz yarn, and don’t know how to adjust the pattern to accommodate my preference. Any help Will be appreciated, as Christmas is just around the corner! Thanks!

That’s a big difference in gauge so it might be easier to find a basic stocking made with worsted weight and just stripe it.

Pattern -

Alterntives maybe? -

Thanks for the links - they are beautiful stockings, but not quite what I’m looking for. I have my heart set on the striped stocking pattern by Jennifer Jackson on ravelry, and hope someone can help me convert the pattern to size US 6 DPN and worsted yarn, and at the original size. Please, someone help, as Christmas is soon!

Well, I really meant to follow them for the numbers. It will probably take rewriting the original pattern otherwise. I don’t really have time to do that myself. Start with a swatch so you can figure out your gauge and maybe someone can help.