Need Help - Confused by this Pattern!

Hello All-

I really want to make these socks, as i think they are LOVELY.

I would charterize myself as a medium skill level knitter, and am really struggling with this pattern.

This is the first time I have ever used a pattern with a chart, and am determined to make it work.

Here is the problem I am having:

I knitted the cuff of the stock, and split my 88 stitches on to 4 needles, and started the chart section of the pattern (Chart A).

The chart has 22 stitches per row, which I thought made sense since there are 22 stitches per needle, and the chart is to be repeated on each needle.

HOWEVER, the chart has 3 decreasing stitches per row (as well as three increases - always leaving 22 stitches on the needle after I finish each row). When I knit the decreasing stitch (k2tog, ssk and k2togtb), I dont have enough stitches to finish each row of the chart. The way I am reading the chart, I would need 3 additional stitches per needle to complete the chart as shown in the pattern.

What am I doing wrong? and am I reading the chart incorrectly?


Thank you!

Julia :knitting:

Are you doing the YO’s correctly? Just bring the yarn over the needle. done. that’s it. you don’t automatically perform a k1 as part of the YO. Might you be doing that?

That is my thought as well, a yo is just a yo, not a knit and then a yarn over.

For giggles, I cast on and knit the first row, thought I’d also write it out for you in case that helps get you started.

k3, k2tog, k3, yo, p, k2, yo, ssk, p, yo, k3, k2togtbl, k3

It was the YO, i was knitting first then YO!

Thanks so much for your help!