Need help clarifying pattern

I am knitting a King Cole ballet cardigan pattern and I need some help just clarifying what it’s saying.
It’s goes like this:
[B]1st Row[/B] knit
[B]2nd Row[/B] k3, purl to end
[B]3rd Row[/B] inc in 1st st, knit to last 5sts, k2tog, k3
[B]4th Rows[/B] k3, purl to end
Last 4 rows set g-st border and front edge decreases.
Keeping continuity of g-st border work 32 rows inc 1 st at side edge [B]as before[/B] in 7th and every following 8th row.

I have done the first 4 rows so am up to where it says ‘keeping continuity…’ Can anyone clarify what it is the pattern is saying, as I don’t know if i should knit up until the 7th row.

After the first 4 pattern rows, you’re going to go back to a row 1 and repeat pattern rows 1-4 over and over.
It may help to write a list of row 1-32 and then next to that place a listing of 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 etc.
The instruction to inc at the side every 8th row seems unnecessary since the pattern already has you increasing on the side edge on each row 3.
Check and see if a stitch count is given at any point just to make sure there aren’t double increases (doubtful). If that works out, ignore the “…every 8th row” instruction.

Yes that is a good idea and thought that is what they were saying.
I have seen now, it goes on to say that [B]at the same time as the instructions above[/B] Dec 1 st at front edge in next and every foll alt row. 37 sts.
Work 8 rows dec 1 st at front edge only [B]as before[/B] in next and every foll alt rows. 33 sts.

Maybe should have written that in the mine above sorry!

OK, that would look more like the photo which shows an even line of decreases up the front edge.
Good luck with the sweater. It’s very sweet.

I’m still confused for some reason! Think I have been looking at it too much. Can you help at all?

Sure, if I can. Where is the confusion? In working the 32 rows after the initial rows 1-4 in post 1 or in the later “at the same time” directions in post 3?
Do the directions in your post 3 come immediately after the lines quoted in post 1?

I think I’m confused about the ‘at the same time’ part as you cleared up on first part (writing the rows on papers alongside the 1-4row).
Hope the photo of the pattern showing the wording layout I have uploaded shows up.
At what row (row 1, 2, 3 or 4) do the decreases happen?
I think I have been trying to work it out for so long that it isn’t making any sense now and need fresh eyes!

Well the pattern isn’t written in the most straightforward way so confusion is understandable.
The decreases on the front edge start with row 3 and continue every other row (rows 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31).
The increases on the side edge start with row 3 and continue with rows 7,11,15,19,23,27,31.
You’ll decrease 15sts and increase 8sts so the stitch count will decrease overall by 7sts.
If you’re supposed to end with 37sts then you would have 44sts on the needle at the start of these instructions. Is that what you have?

No, I have the 49 it told me to cast on, hmmm

Check and see if there are any other places to decrease in the front before this point.