Need help choosing yarn

Hi all! I’m new to knitting and need some help choosing yarn. I have read a lot about Noro but I can’t decide which blend to get.

I don’t want anything itchy and since I live in a moderate climate I dont need a lot of warmth. I also don’t like very fuzzy yarns. Can someone please give advise? Thanks.

Every Noro yarn I’ve ever come across is itchy beyond belief. Gorgeous, but even washed the fuzziness still itches. Personally if you are concerned about it I’d find something else.

It would help if we knew what you wanted to make.

I have the same experience with Noro. Some people swear by Malabrigo and some swear at it, so that’s not much help either. If you can get to a local yarn shop or even a big box store with a good selection, indulge yourself by petting yarn until you find some that feels good to you.

If you really want natural fiber for some kind of garment, since you don’t need warmth, have you looked at some of the nice light cottons and blends? There are a lot of nice blended sock yarns that might make you a shawl or sweater without a lot of bulk and weight.

I won a half-pound ball of recycled sari silk on Ebay. It’s sooooo pretty and shiny. I don’t know what kind of shawl it’s going to turn into yet, but even though it has “raggies” hanging out it’s not itchy at all. I’ve heard a lot of comments that the quality is very, very uneven, though, so it might not be for you when you’re starting out.

Thanks. I want to make some lightweight scarves and hats, my son wears a beanie all the time. Also, I want to make a headband that will keep my ears warm. We go to Disney every winter and it has been quite cold at least a few nights, and I do not like to wear hats. There aren’t any yarn shops within 200 miles of here so I will be ordering online.

Noro is a lot of fun, but can be aggravating. Cashmere Island and Silk Island Light are two of the softest, but usually after some washing – I personally don’t find it particularly itchy after 3 washes, but lots of people are more sensitive. You have to be careful choosing the skein (since the color combos change from skein to skein), which is impossible online.

Merino is nice and warm and a good one is not very itchy or fuzzy. One of the merino/cashmere/silk yarns would be good, it sounds like – one of my favorites is Casbah sock yarn by Handmaiden, which also has the advantage of being machine washable and, because of the nylon for wear, is quite sturdy.

Thanks! ! was thinking about trying cashmere. I finally caved last night and ordered some Noro Silk Garden Chunky that I found on sale to try a hat or headband to get the feel of it. Hope I don’t regret it!